Access Control

Access Control

Protect your home, business and assets

Protect your home, business and assets by using our access control systems. Access control systems offer a level of protection that caters to businesses requiring swipe cards, pin codes, bio-metric readers and proximity readers. This level of control allows access and monitoring to specific areas of your building or residence. The class of access provided is determined by the level of security you require.

Ranging from a more conservative system through to a high end extensive system with the ability to control thousands of users. To ensure you are using the right protection, Hi-Tech Security will adapt and tailor a custom designed access control system exclusively for your business needs. We offer integration into separate systems such as attendance records and CCTV systems.


Simple access control systems or “card + PIN” entry control systems as they are commonly named, authorise users to obtain access to specifically designated areas by entering their personal identification number into a keypad. Fully integrated proximity readers are typically used in conjunction with keypad systems to heighten the level of security.

Proximity Readers

Proximity Readers provide access by reading the ID code within proximity of a card or token. Physical contact is not necessary when using a Proximity Reader. This presents a quick and easy way to obtain access to authorised areas and becomes an advantage when tackling vandalism and weathering.

Biometric Readers

Biometric Readers are the way of the future with companies choosing finger print, hand geometry or iris and face recognition to identify and verify permitted users. Biometric Readers scan physical characteristics preventing potential unauthorised users assuming an authorised users identity and increase the level of access control system security. Cards and PINs are removed from the equation lowering long term cost and reducing carbon footprint.

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